The Importance of Orderly Files

Staying organized is crucial to the functioning and success of any business or establishment. It’s especially true for companies whose transactions rely heavily on paper records. Those kinds of organizations are where Rack City can be of great assistance.

Rack City supplies storage material for your warehouse, office or even home. Its excellent reputation stems from its outstanding customer support, flawless finishes and superior supplies. Rack City offers wire partitions, cages, fencing, pallet racking and light-duty shelving for small boxes or hand-stack storage.

All of the Rack City’s services add value to the efficient functioning of a business or organization. The benefits are:

· Organizing information for retrieval when needed.

· Protecting records that are essential to mission-critical business operations.

· Ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory recordkeeping requirements, thereby avoiding costly fines or other penalties.

· Reducing risks in litigations, government investigations and the legal discovery process.

· Reducing labor requirements for the creation, organization, retrieval and dissemination of recorded information.

· Minimizing storage requirements (space, equipment, and supplies) for a given quantity of records. Destroy or delete records according to the organization’s records-retention schedules.

· Reducing the time and effort required to reconstruct vital information in the event of disaster, theft and other losses.

Ultimately, good records management ensures that institutional records of vital historical, fiscal and legal value are identified and preserved, and that non-essential records are discarded in a timely manner according to established guidelines and identified legislation. Benefits of records management include more effective management of your current records; a reduced/eliminated level of record-keeping redundancies; and increased usable office space through the elimination of unnecessary file storage. In addition, records management provides institutional accountability and timely access to information.

Please don’t hesitate to call Rack City for all of your rack, shelving, and complete warehouse and storage needs. We’re at 833-722-5289.

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